Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Though it feels like Summer just began, school is about to start a new year. Growing up, these weeks leading up to the first day of school were always weeks of anticipation for me. Maybe I will love my new teacher, maybe I will make new friends, maybe I will learn a new instrument, maybe my volleyball team will make the playoffs, maybe… the list goes on.

What are your maybes for this coming school year (whether or not you are in school)? What do you anticipate as possibilities and new opportunities for the next nine months of life that will bring you joy? Have you taken a moment to think them through and lift them in prayer to God? If you haven’t, take a moment before you finish reading this article to connect with your Creator and to let Him know what is on your heart.

Starting my second year as your pastor, I may have many maybes, but I am also overflowing with excitement for what is to come. I am excited to kick off the year on September 13 with a Rally Sunday. We will bless and celebrate the diverse ministries of our church in worship followed by a ministry fair after service Come and see how God is moving and shaking at Torrance First and see where you might be called to join and serve, if you aren’t already.

I am excited to kick off our second year of Quad, as I love seeing the church family gathering for worship, fellowship and study on Wednesday nights. In September we will look at the Gospel through the lens of the Hollywood camera as we watch movie clips and sing along to some of our favorite sound tracks while discovering our call as disciples of Christ.

I am excited to continue Tuesday morning Bible Studies with with a 24 week course called “Covenant,” where we will examine our relationship with God, with the church, and with each other through scripture and lively conversation. The study will begin September 1 and run through December 15.

I am excited that our new Family Ministries Team has a movie night, a pool party, Halloween party and Christmas party planned for the whole church family. These will be multi-generational gatherings of food, fellowship and fun that you won’t want to miss.

I am excited that worship, outreach, study, missions, fellowship and enough food to feed on army is in store for another year of being a diverse and caring community, sharing the promise of life with Christ, passing it to the next generation. Watch out world, here we come!

Blessings, Pastor Stacy