We want to make your wedding a beautiful and meaningful occasion. A wedding is a service of worship of God and should honor this basic conviction so that everything else follows upon this concern.

All the more, at First United Methodist Church of Torrance, we consider it a privilege to offer a Service of Christian Marriage. We will work with couples who are sincerely interested in celebrating their wedding in a religiously appropriate service of worship, meeting the standards of the pastor, who officiates and solemnizes the marriage.

The pastor of First United Methodist Church of Torrance will officiate at each wedding.

Upon your decision to have your wedding here and financial arrangements have been made, our pastor will meet with you to discuss matters related to the service of worship and to offer counsel concerning your marriage.


Because the Service of Christian Marriage is a deeply meaningful one for the church and for the couple, their families, and friends who participate, it is essential that aspects of appropriate custom, ritual, music, etc., be clearly understood and agreed upon. Some of these are because of Methodist tradition, some the law of the Church. Briefly, they are listed below. Additional information will be available once confirmation of wedding plans is made, or upon your request.

The music: Our organisit provides the music for the ceremony. Considering the sacredness of a church wedding, we encourage music which integrates the worship experience.

Photography/videography: Photography can be used effectively, but must not get in the way of the service of worship or be distracting. Photographers/videographers shall be instructed by the wedding coordinator in advance of the ceremony. No flash photography or video with supplemental lighting is allowed during the ceremony. (Photographs/video of the processional and the recessional are permitted.) Guests are not to take pictures during any part of the ceremony.

No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on church property at any time. Smoking is not allowed on church property.


The wedding fee for members is $585.00 (including deposit of $150.00 to reserve the date)

The wedding fee for non-members is $735.00 (including deposit of $250.00 to reserve the date)

The fee includes use of the sanctuary and dressing rooms, honoraria for wedding personnel, as well as a kneeling bench, candelabra for the sanctuary, altar candles. The deposit is due when the wedding date is scheduled with the church secretary; $50.00 of this amount is non-refundable.

In general, rehearsals last no more than one hour. Weddings, including set up for florist, dressing, pictures with the photographer, and the ceremony last no more than three hours.

If either the rehearsal or the wedding goes past these time limits, the couple may be charged an additional $25.00 per hour, payable in cash. The marriage license will not be mailed from the church office until all fees are paid.


The church provides a kneeling bench, candelabra for the sanctuary, and altar candles.

The bride provides additional candles, if used; flowers for the sanctuary; pew decorations (which must be affixed so as not to leave holes, nor scratch, nor remove finish from church furniture; there are 21 pews on each side of the center aisle); aisle runner, if desired (length: 81 feet).


The sanctuary seats 375 people.