May 14, 2014


Staff-Parish Relations Committee and Members of First United Methodist Church of Torrance


Dear Beloved Torrance First,

I greet you in the name of the one who says to us, “Peace unto you!”

I am writing to inform you that Bishop Carcano intends to appoint The Reverend Stacy Dickson as your next pastor-in-charge, effective July 1, 2014. Stacy is currently the pastor of San Jacinto UMC and Community UMC (Winchester).

Pastor Stacy is married to Rev. Doug Dickson and they have three children. Pastor Stacy reports “I find one of the greatest joys in taking a scripture and bringing it to life. Through creativity in worship, a variety of bible study methods and hands on experiences, I seek to make the Gospel real and relevant to people of all walks of life and backgrounds. The Word is the basis for my leadership, my vision for the church and my connection with the community around the church.”

Pastor Stacy has been in ministry for the past nine years – serving Desert Hot Springs, San Jacinto UMC and Community UMC (Winchester). She has led churches to open food pantries, serve free community breakfast, plant a community garden and offer summer enrichment programs for children. Pastor Stacy indicates that she has a passion for preaching and creative worship.

In her spare time she loves to cook, rock climb and run. Her husband, Rev. Doug Dickson is being appointed Associate Pastor, Rolling Hills United Methodist Church. As a family they love to camp. They are looking forward to a new experience as a family as they meet new churches and communities together.

In this time of transition, Pastor Bob and Pastor Stacy will make this a smooth transition in the best interest of First United Methodist Church of Torrance. I am thankful to the SPRC for their leadership during this time of transition.

In partnership,
Rev. Dr. Kathey M. Wilborn
District Superintendent