Dear Friends and Family,

It all started with twelve.  Twelve ordinary individuals were called to drop everything and follow, and they did just that. Without hesitation they left their nets, their families and their lives to become disciples of Christ, and their lives were changed forever.  Today we hear the same call to follow, to learn and to be changed into a disciple of Christ.  Disciple is not a passive word.  A disciple is not a spectator or a fair-weather fan.  A disciple is someone who is actively growing in their faith as they follow Christ to a new life.

This Lent at Torrance First, we are going on a faith journey together to grow as disciples of Christ through our Sunday worship and through small group ministries.  Why small groups? Through small groups you are able to connect with other disciples, explore the Biblical text in depth, and grow through meaningful conversation.  In addition, small groups provide support, encouragement and accountability.

This Lent, small groups will meet at the church and in homes with Matt Rawle’s curriculum, “What Makes a Hero? The Death-Defying Ministry of Jesus,” to read, discuss and apply the example Jesus lived for our lives.  This study does not require a book to purchase and is a short six-week commitment with a long-term impact on your faith.

Sign up on Sunday morning, or call Pastor Stacy, to be in a small group, to lead a small group, or to host a small group in your home.  I will call each person who signs up to talk about the type of small group they would like to be in and when they are able to meet, to place each person in the best small group for their journey this Lent.

This is an exciting opportunity to deepen our faith, to get to know one another, and to live out our faith as we journey to the cross and to the Easter morning miracle of resurrection.

Blessings,  Pastor Stacy