Dear Friends,

I am not one who lives with hidden agendas or sneaky ways, but I am often looking at a bigger picture to see how pieces can fall into place for an eventual goal. Ministry is the most rewarding chess game I play. Pieces slowly move with a goal of finding ways of bringing people to Christ and closer in their walk with Him. I search for new and creative ways to worship on Sunday mornings, exciting opportunities to have as many participants in Bible Studies as possible and to get kids and youth eager to come to church.

It is with these goals that I am looking at the next six months of ministry. I am meeting with worship leaders to look at how we take our worship to the next level. I am talking to youth leaders about bringing worship into youth group and a year­ long plan for spiritual growth and leadership development. I am working with outreach to connect our serving to our worship experience. And, I am talking to a group of enthusiastic leaders to create a night of food, fellowship, worship and study at church. These were the four key attributes of the early church under Peter’s leadership and we are seeking to follow his example. It is not the service formerly known as 11:15 or Night Church, but it is a new community-building night for the whole church family.

I ask that you be in prayer about these new ways of being Christ’s church and that God’s Holy Spirit will be at the center of all conversations and decisions made, so that we can be living out our calling as Christ’s hands and feet.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Stacy