John 4:13-14  Jesus said to her (woman at the well), “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty. The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life.

Californians have been hearing about the “mega-drought” that has beset the region. More specifically southern Californians have been very concerned after our region has averaged nearly 15 inches per year in rainfall. In the year 2011 the Los Angeles area received 12 inches; in 2012, 8 inches; and in 2013, a measly two inches. The dams have been drying up, the snow pack disappearing, the reservoirs bottoming out, and aquifers emptying.

The prolonged lack of rain water means a diminishing of crop production–fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It then dominoes into the diminishing of jobs, the tightening of our economy, and the threatening of our entire ecosystem. As trees turn brown; as rivers shrink to trickles; as green valleys deteriorate and become dusty and rocky; as vegetation die, we begin to see a stark, desert like landscape. The ground gets more exposed as the once full acres of lakes are now muddy fields, soon to be caked and cracked.

The response thus far is to divert water from other sources like the upper Colorado River Basin and to tap reservoirs that aren’t so low. The immediate response is to conserve water, cut down on consumption, and to switch to lower flow water appliances and amenities. It’s time for us to check our water usage and consumption.

But how about checking on our spiritual reservoirs. How are our present levels? Are we full, half full, low or running on empty? As the energy and the outflow of our spiritual tanks is dispersed, what about the intake and inflow? Is there sufficient volume?

Engaging in spiritual practices helps to replenish, restock, and refill low levels of the spirit. Reading scripture, prayer, journaling, meditation, and fasting are some avenues to infilling.


Ever flowing fountain of life, refresh us, shower us, flood us with an abundant outpouring of grace and love. Cause us take the time to fill our faith so that our cup overflows. As we get so caught up in doing and serving, we tend to empty ourselves and let our spiritual levels reach rock bottom. Let us not neglect our bodies, our earthen vessels. Restore us to health, to wholeness, to fullness. Move us to carve out the time for nurturing, for self- care, for retreat, rest, and renewal that we may become refreshing pools, welcoming oasis, and streams of living water, through Christ our source and eternal spring. Amen.

—Pastor Bob L. Isip

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