Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

There are vivid memories in my head of Easter Sundays growing up. I remember the dresses, the tights, the hats and the gloves. I remember taking family pictures in front of my mom’s rose bushes. I remember egg hunts with my cousins and ham dinners with my family. All of these are important memories, especially as I work to make new memories with my kids.

God call us to remember and to tell. Throughout the Old Testament, God commands His people to pass His stories from generation to generation, so that all will know where they come from and whose they are. Throughout the New Testament, Christ tells His disciples to remember Him whenever they take communion and God calls the disciples to tell Christ’s stories to all nations.

This is a critical season in the church for remembering and telling God’s story; to tell and hear the story of Palm Sunday; to remember and retell the story of the Last Supper; to meditate upon the story of Christ’s death on the cross; and to proclaim with praise and thanksgiving the story of Christ’s victory over death on Easter Sunday.

This year, I am encouraging everyone to not skip steps in the story to get right to the happy ending. Let us not pass by the story of triumphant entry on Palm Sunday, minimizing the impact of Christ willing entry into His death. Don’t be too busy to join the telling of the story on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday to overlook His death and go straight to His resurrection. Let us be the people of the story by reading every word, retracing every significant step that Christ took, all to be able to experience the full impact of Easter morning with jubilation and gratitude.

I’ll see you all week!

Blessings, Pastor Stacy