Dear Friends,

Good-bye 2014 and hello 2015. Good-bye to that which happened in 2014 and hello to the endless possibilities that could happen in 2015. If we focus our eyes properly we will see that 2015 will bring new babies, new jobs, new marriages, and new ways for us to see God working in our lives to bless us and prosper us. I am dreaming about a full year of ministry in Torrance with excitement for the ways we will be in worship, the ways that our minds will be enlightened by God’s Word, the ways that we will serve God’s children and the Spirit-filled ways that we will gather in fellowship and friendship.

We will start the year with a Sunday sermon series on New Year’s Resolutions turned into New Year’s Revelations, seeking to focus us on the important things in life through God’s eyes to help move us into healthier, deeper relationships with God and one another. At Quad we will utilize some of our favorite board games as reflections of our life and how we live them as faithful disciples until we victoriously reach the finish line. Finally, our first Bible Study will use Rev. Mike Slaughter’s “Momentum for Life” to help us look at how we core for ourselves spiritually and physically in preparation for the long marathon of life and not just to sprint before us.

Strap on your protective gear and get excited, for this is going to be an amazing year with God’s help and the Spirit’s leading!

Pastor Stacy