Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Summer is officially here, both with the kids being out of school and in the heat that is starting to hit. As a kid this was my favorite time of year, as I got two months of freedom from the classroom, and as an adult it is still one of my favorite times of year. When the kids are out of school I get to play as a pastor and that just makes my heart smile.

As I type this, we have finished two nights of Vacation Bible School and we have three left to go. The kids are having a great time, the youth and young adults are amazing helpers, and I can’t wait for three more nights of lively Christian living. When VBS ends, I have one week until I head to church camp to help teach about the power of God’s Holy Spirit through “Fearless Faith.” And, in just a month I will help take our youth and young adults to San Francisco for our mission trip to help in Christ’s name those less fortunate than we are. How could I not be excited for summer?

Don’t worry, adults, I am not leaving you out. We still have both Tuesday morning and Wednesday night Bible studies running throughout summer (check the calendar for which days they are meeting), and we have a great sermon series during the summer entitled “Walking through Exile,” based on Israel’s journey into exile and return back home. Additionally, I am working on a fun study and fellowship time for adults this August, so the kids don’t get to have all the fun.

Jesus says that we must have faith like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, so let us enter summer with the heart of a child, seeking to have fun with the Holy Spirit and to open our hearts to find God in the midst of our busy lives.

Blessings, Pastor Stacy