Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Christmas season is officially here! Despite decorations and Christmas goodies on sale in the stores since before Halloween, we can finally bring out the lights, our trees, and favorite nativity scenes. We can shop ’til we drop and bake to our heart’s desire. But, most of all, I hope that we will remember the reason for the season.

For an entire season of the church year we prepare our ‘hearts and wait with expectancy for our Savior to be born for us again. Join us in Bible study on Sunday nights at 6:00 for our series, Sent by Jorgé Acevado, as we dive into the depths of the story of God sending His Son for us. Join us on Wednesday nights during our Quad worship service at 6:00 as we look at the miracle of the Christmas story through some of our favorite Christmas movies. Join us on Sunday, December 13 as the Sunday school children lead us through the nativity story with a drama, stories and song in worship. Join us on Sunday, December 20 as the choir brings a special morning of music to celebrate the season, followed by our church Filipino Christmas party with lechon and festivities after worship. Finally, don’t miss our service of stories, hymns, candles, caroling and communion on Christmas Eve at 7:00pm.

May this season be one of miracles, memories and encounters with the incarnate God (the One who is with us).

Blessings, Pastor Stacy