Dear Friends,

At the church workshop in San Diego that Gwen C. and I attended in the early spring, Dr. Ken Callahan led us through a process of sharing some thoughts about what would be fun to do as a church. Some churches at this time of the year like to have a “retreat” or “brainstorming” session or “planning” meeting. We won’t use those terms because they often are loaded with connotations other than being “fun”.

On August 17, we would like to invite anyone to come to our social hall at 11 a.m. for a church barbecue. During this time, we will have a free flow of exchange of ideas. The purpose would be to think of something fun that we could enjoy doing in the coming year. It’s a “popcorn” of ideas that spontaneously come up, although the discussion will have some guidance to it. If it sounds fun to do and that there are people who will have fun doing it, then we can try to schedule and hold the event. If it seems like too much work, too much of a burden, or no one will volunteer to host the event or implement it, or if it doesn’t sound fun, then we won’t do it.

The newly energized United Methodist Men have agreed to provide a barbecue and side dishes will be welcomed. We also hope to have some idea as to how many people are interested in attending, so there will be a sign up or RSVP sheet available soon. Please plan to come at the very beginning as we hope to end at 1:30 p.m.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday, August 17, and let’s have fun together!

— Pastor Bob