. . .and, the United Methodist summer camping program continues its new format, shifting from the district camp model to a site-based model. During a five-week summer period, there will be a camping opportunity for Younger Elementary, Older Elementary, Junior High and Senior High ages as follows:

Younger Elementary (grades 1-3); these camps run for 3 days only, concurrently with the Older Elementary camp, and cost $200.00.

† July 6-9, Colby Camp & Retreat Center (Leah W., Dean; Pastor Chris Carter, Clergy)

† July 20-23, Camp Cedar Glen

† July 20-23, Camp Wrightwood

† Aug 3-6, Camp Arroyo Grande

Older Elementary (grades 3-6)

† July 6-11, Colby Camp & Retreat Center (Leah W., Dean; Pastor Chris Carter, Clergy)

† July 13-18, Lazy W Ranch

† July 20-25, Camp Cedar Glen

† July 20-25, Camp Wrightwood

† Aug 3-8, Camp Arroyo Grande

Junior High (grades 6-9)

† July 6-12, Camp Wrightwood

† July 13-18, Camp Cedar Glen

† July 13-19, Camp Arroyo Grande

† July 20-26, Lazy W Ranch

† July 20-26, Colby Camp & Retreat Center

Senior High (grade 9-June 12th grade grad)

† July 6-11, Camp Cedar Glen

† July 6-12, Camp Arroyo Grande

† July 20-26, Colby Camp & Retreat Center

† July 27-Aug 2, Lazy W Ranch

† July 27-August 2, Camp Wrightwood

What’s church camp like? Well, aside from the best thing – being able to experience God’s creation in the mountains, which includes blue sky, pine trees, birds, squirrels, friends, counting stars at night, and worship in the outdoors – you’ll meet new friends, hear Bible stories, swim in the pool, sing fun songs, hike, dance, play volleyball or ping pong, have a talent show, table games, laugh a lot, make crafts, and holy play … and have a life-changing experience.

The cost per person for Older Elementary through Senior High Camps is $395.00. Please contact our church office for further information.

To register for any camp, please visit the conference website at

Important notes:

A $25.00 deposit must accompany each registration

Full payment must be sent with any registration mailed after 5/31/14

All 8 steps must be completed on the registration form to be accepted

Camperships to help those who need financial assistance may be available through the district, conference, and our church, but persons must have already registered for camp before applying.