Dear Friends,

Our annual Charge Conference has been scheduled for:
Saturday, November 9, at 1:30pm at First United Methodist Church of Wilmington.

This year’s meeting is a cluster Charge Conference and will include several other area United Methodist churches. Typically, we ask for reports from ministry teams and committees, and we have the full slate of nominations of leaders and committee members for the upcoming year, membership reports, as well as official Conference forms that need to be completed. However, due to the short notice and early scheduling, our District Superintendent, the Rev. Dr. Kathey Wilborn, indicated that we could submit those requirements in January.

What we are required to do at this Charge Conference is to vote on the pastor’s salary and benefits package, which is standard procedure at the yearly Charge Conferences.

We encourage you to attend the conference this year. It’s an opportunity to meet our neighboring United Methodist folks and to hear what they are doing in their own places. The church address is: 928 Lagoon Ave., Wilmington, and carpooling from our church is suggested. See information elsewhere in this newsletter.

— Pastor Bob