Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

I spent one fall season living in Georgia. One season of giving thanks that the humidity and mosquitoes of summer were finally gone, but moreover, one season spent in awe of the changing colors of the trees. It was the reds and yellows and oranges that I had only seen in the movies. The trees would soon be bare for winter, but for those few months God had painted the streets the perfect shade of fall and I was in love.

As we move into fall, where will we see the beauty of God’s creation? Will it be in the colors of the earth or the shooting of a star? Will it be in the baptism of a baby? Will it be in the smile of a stranger as the result of our kindness? Will it be in a worship experience or a Bible study discussion? Will it come in the blessing of a friendship or the healing touch of a loved one? God didn’t stop creating at the close of the sixth day of Genesis. God is continually painting the earth around us, forming the hearts and lives around us, and designing the path we are walking with Him. God’s work is not done, period.

This fall we will find blessings in new Bible study classes, through Broadway and Disney music in worship, in pool parties and Halloween parties, in stewardship campaigns (yes, stewardship campaigns can be a blessing), in new small group ministries, in our ongoing outreach projects, in our children and young people, in every visitor who walks through our doors, in every life that we touch in Christ’s name, and most importantly in our hearts as we open them up to feel the love of God and to give praise for it.

Here is to the changing of seasons and the opportunities that they bring.

Blessings, Pastor Stacy