Dear Friends,

School is out for Summer! For many, these are exciting words of freedom and rest, for some these are terrifying words as they try to figure out what to do with kids for summer, and for the rest, these words do not mean much at all as life continues as it has.

For me, Summer is a time of opportunities. Youth attend mission trips, kids attend Vacation Bible School and the church has the opportunity to live with a little more freedom as the sunsets are later and the weather invites us to be outside. How ore you planning to spend your Summer? How about having a few extra minutes to sleep on Sunday morning if you are a second service attender?

Beginning July 5, we are giving you 15 more minutes as we are moving our service time to 9:30am to give a little extra breathing room between services. How about a family picnic? Since you have those extra minutes on July 5, bring a picnic lunch to eat at the park while the birds sing and the kids play after service.

I am dreaming of family movie nights and some unplugged worship in the park to celebrate summer and the way that God blesses us in this time. Just because school is out doesn’t mean the church is, so I will see you around!

Blessings, Pastor Stacy