Dear Friends,

In thinking about the narrative of the resurrection in the gospels, did you know that Matthew, Mark, and Luke only devoted one chapter each to tell about Jesus’ rising and what happens after that? The writer of John is the only one who devotes two chapters. In total, Matthew wrote twenty-eight chapters, Mark wrote sixteen chapters, Luke twenty-four chapters, and John twenty-two.

Perhaps the reason why there is much less proportionately in the resurrection narrative is that Jesus didn’t stay very long after that. It also appears that Jesus was quite elusive and mysterious in resurrected bodily form. He didn’t hang around much, he didn’t linger, he didn’t have long lectures, teaching moments, or healing sessions. He ascended into heaven quickly.

Perhaps the message is that Jesus’ work was finished. There was not much left for him to do now. He had done all that he needed to do in the three years of his ministry and his post resurrection appearances were intentionally kept to a minimum.

However, when we look at the body of work after the gospels, there is a considerable amount of writings that follow. The apostle Paul and other writers wrote 23 letters. The church throughout history has authored centuries of narrative to continue Jesus’ life and work.

Each one of us, those who choose to be a follower of Christ Jesus, the risen Lord, are now adding to his history and legacy. By our testimonies, our good works, and our living witness, we are composing chapters that tell of his resurrection in our lives. We spread the news of joy, peace, hope, and abundant and eternal life. We offer meaning, guidance, and direction to those who are aimless, to those who lost and lonely, and to those who are searching. Let us tell of his mighty wonders, his glorious deeds, his amazing love!

— Pastor Bob