Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, born to us once again and here to greet us with a new year of opportunities and blessings. I am looking at 2016 with hope and anticipation and I am ready to be proactive in the goals that I plan to achieve this year. I plan to take care of myself by eating better (I say this while eating, a piece of pizza for lunch). and starting to run once again (after a 4-year break). I plan to get more organized, with my office floor at the top of that list. And I plan, to develop new friendships both within the church and beyond the church.

What are your goals for this tear? How do you hope to be a better person and a stronger follower of Christ by the end of 2016? Do you-hove practical, achievable steps that will help you get there? If we could, how could we as a church ministry and community help you with your goals for this year? My phone, e-mail and social media are open for your thoughts and suggestions.

To help with my plan to build relationships, I will be hosting a “Pastor’s Potluck” one Friday a month at the parsonage. There will be a sign up sheet with 15 spots for the potluck each month and I hope that some of the congregants that I have not had a chance to sit down and get to know through meetings or Bible studies and other events will be some of the first to sign up. The first potluck will be on Friday, January 29, at 7:00pm and the sign-up sheet will be posted in the church hallway.

Blessings, Pastor Stacy