Our church recently sold the El Prado parsonage to an architect, who has been busy gutting the insides of the house. The mega dumpster in the front was filled with boards, pipes, and other debris. Then a week later, the house next to the church was also purchased. The owner is also doing the same, overhauling the insides.

I had a chance to walk around inside the house next to our church. Over the years, the previous owner had added a back house extension with more rooms, a second kitchen, and bathrooms. But in my walk through, what I saw was that no two rooms had the same floor level, they were off by an inch or so in some spots. The counters and cabinetry weren’t so appealing, and the second kitchen and upstairs bathrooms looked like they didn’t meet current city codes. So it makes sense that this house is being gutted and renovated.

If money were no obstacle, what part of your home would you like to renovate? What other work needs to be done on the outside? My house is about 900 square feet and I purchased it as a bachelor. Now as a married couple we dream about having more space, different furniture, and new appliances. We have the lot size to add and built and expand. We dream about having more landscaping, a deck, more rooms so that we can welcome guests and relatives. Sometimes it’s just fun to let our imaginations loose.

The illustration of a home can be compared to our spiritual bodies—the upper room of our minds, the inner chambers of our hearts, our arteries, the emotions, and soul. What are the conditions of these compartments and chambers? Do they need the master’s renovating? Does the mind need de-cluttering from watching too many images from screens? Is the heart in need of some serious overhauling due to picking up hurtful and hateful experiences? Are the arteries, the emotions, the soul filled with plaque?


All wise and knowing God, great architect and grand designer, we offer our physical and spiritual bodies to you. We are in need of a spiritual appraisal, a complete inspection, and some future plans and provisions. As you remove and replace those inner parts that have become neglected, bring to bear your power and wisdom with great precision, that we can experience deep improvements for the long run. Rework our lifestyles, recalibrate our diets, and move us to make new adjustments and plans towards better health and holy living. As you clear away the old and make all things new, give us a new lease on life, through the power of your ever dynamic spirit we ask. Amen.

—Pastor Bob L. Isip

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