Dear Friends,

By now you should have received a letter informing you about our Pipe Organ project and where we stand with Phase 1. In the letter it was also indicated that the Board of Trustees, the Finance Committee, and the Church Council were looking into options of how to finance the remainder of the contract for Phase 1. Once again, the remaining balance for the first phase would be in the neighborhood of $70,000.

On Sunday, August 25, various representatives from those committees and also representatives from the Endowment Fund Committee met to discuss how to fulfill this commitment. The option put forth was to recommend that we hold a Church/Charge Conference to vote on the sale of one of our parsonages. They recommended that we hold this meeting with our District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Kathey Wilborn on Sunday, September 15 at approximately 10:15am — between the 9:15 and 11:15 worship services — in the social hall. In talking to our superintendent, she confirmed that she is available to meet with us and preside.

The purpose of this Church Conference is to decide on whether or not to sell a parsonage. The rationale for this recommendation is that the Finance Committee felt that it didn’t want to burden you, the congregation, with another loan. By selling the parsonage, we would be able to have cash to finish the balance of the contract, plus some available capital for other improvements down the road.

A fuller analysis and more information will be provided approximately one week prior to the Church Conference. If anyone is able to present another financial alternative, the Church Council, the Finance Committee, and the Board of Trustees would be willing to listen to another proposal.

— Pastor Bob