Dear Friends,

After Christ’s baptism, He was sent into the desert to fast for 40 days and 40 nights. This was a time of trial and temptation as He spiritually prepared to preach, teach, heal and love His people before ascending to Golgotha to sacrifice His life for us. The early church adopted Christ’s 40 days in the desert as a discipline for those seeking a Christian life. They would spend 40 days living a disciplined life as they considered their calling to follow Christ. At the end of the 40 days, they would be offered the opportunity to be baptized into the church and into the Christian life.

Today we practice this same disciplined life through lent, as we prepare our hearts, minds and bodies to receive Christ’s death and resurrection for us once again. What commitment will you make to prepare yourself? What can you sacrifice or what discipline can you adopt for 40 days for the sake of your Savior and the life you live through Him? More importantly, what do you hope to gain from your lenten journey? What are your heart and your life needing this Easter? As Christ rises from the grave, we rise to new life with Him, leaving our old selves behind. Hallelujah!

I invite you to begin the journey on Wednesday, February 18 at El Segundo UMC for our 7:30pm connectional service of songs and ashes. I then invite you to journey through lent on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and on Thursday mornings as we re-trace the steps Christ took in His ministry through worship and Bible study opportunities.

May this lent and Easter be filled with meaning and with the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding us, encouraging us, and strengthening us.

Blessings, Pastor Stacy